Project details

Contract value



Transurban Queensland


Jan 2017 - Dec 2017

Project description

Removal of Existing Barriers
3,644m & 13,960m2 of New Noise Barrier
Up to 32,000 VPD on average per year
3,644m2 Clearing & Grubbing
5,314m2 Landscaping & Revegetation

McIlwain was awarded the $6.8M Design & Construct contract with Transurban Queensland in January 2017 off the back of the successful completion of the Logan Motorway Pavement Reification Project Phase Two.

While the contract consisted of predominantly Noise Barrier Subcontract works, the traffic management and planning was of critical importance to ensure the success of the Project. Half of the works having to be carried out at night under lane closures to minimise traffic delays.

With over 32,000 Vehicles per Day on average, it was essential to ensure the Traffic Management Plan, Traffic Guidance Schemes and Risk Assessments were clear, concise and practical.

Constant organisation meetings were required throughout the entire construction phase to ensure the team was across their duties and responsibilities.

Community liaison was a critical aspect of the project as three of the noise barriers replace existing property boundary fences to residents.

The interaction with other Contractors was critical given concurrent works in close proximity and often overlapping TGS’s.  A thorough Interface Management Plan was developed to ensure this process was managed efficiently.

A one-day relationship workshop was held between Transurban and McIlwain before works commenced to align the teams on the two projects and develop critical ingredients for collaboration thus ensuring the success of the Projects.

The project was completed in March 2018.