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Brisbane City Council


Project description

  • widening and signalising of the Murphy Road and Ellison Road intersection
  • construction of four lanes along Murphy Road between Gympie Road to north of Butt Street
  • widening of Ellison Road to four lanes between Danette Street and Gambia Street
  • upgrade of the Kittyhawk Drive and Murphy Road intersection to incorporate additional through lanes, a right-turn pocket into Kittyhawk Drive and U-turn facility
  • signalising of the Butt Street and Murphy Road intersection to include a pedestrian crossing, a right-turn pocket into Butt Street, and a new mini roundabout at the intersection of Butt Street and Fernlea Street
  • provision of new off-road car parking in Marchant Park and 7th Brigade Park
  • on-road cycle lanes in both directions on Murphy Road and Ellison Road
  • safety improvements including the implementation of left-in, left out access to Marathon Street and Blackwood Road
  • right-turn pockets on Ellison Road for westbound traffic into Coolah Street and Gambia Street
  • new access road to Navarre Street
  • indented bus stops adjacent to the Murphy Road and Ellison Road intersection
  • landscaping and line marking.

The $24m upgrade, delivered by McIlwain on behalf of Brisbane City Council, has increased traffic capacity and created a safer roadway, with residents and the greater community benefitting from reduced congestion and decreased travel times.

Meticulous roadway and pedestrian traffic management were critical to the success of the project. Working adjacent to high volume road networks and residential housing meant that careful planning, robust safety systems, and procedures were a must, and the McIlwain project team delivered once again.

To the credit of all parties involved, the project was completed on program and on-budget, with no lost-time injuries. This is a testament to our experienced project team and a collaborative working relationship with Brisbane City Council.