Project details

Contract value



Department of Transport & Main Roads

Project description

  • 1 x bus layout building on structural steel
    supports and suspended Bondek slab
  • 140m Piling
  • 1891m3 cut to spoil off site of comtainmed soil
  • Minor stormwater lines and structures
  • 544.3m3 Fibrecrete Pavement
  • 1845m2 Prime & C170 Seal to pavements
  • 277m3 Granular pavement
  • 277 CTB pavement
  • 277m3 Lean mix pavement
  • 929m Underground Cable
  • 192m Conduits
  • 4 x Street Lights
  • 235m Kerb & Channel
  • 243 x Plants
  • 324m2 Turf
  • 424m2 Topsoil
  • 13m Fencing
  • 1.5m Guardrail
  • 12 x Signage
  • 727m Linemarking
  • 82m2 Transverse Lines

With safety being at the forefront of the Department of Transport & Main Roads minds, McIlwain was engaged to complete $2.1M worth of safety upgrades to the existing bus layover facility at Herston.

Contract works included construction of a new drivers facility building suspended on Bondek structural slab supported on structural steel and piled foundation, pavement construction for the bus layover area, construction of a new water main and sewer via tunnel boring, electrical works, landscaping, signage and linemarking.

With vibration management being a key risk for the project, McIlwain developed a cost-saving and innovative design alternative during the tendering period instead of the original precast driven pile design. The alternative design consisted of a D&C bored pier and micropile for the pile solution. The alternative design alleviated site access issues, vibration concerns and reduced traffic

Contract works also include an external 795mm deep pavement using fibrecrete concrete with a high dosage of fibres (75kg per cubic meter).

The fibrecrete pavement is supported by various other pavement types such as Lean mix pavement, CTB pavement and granular pavement.

This multidisciplinary project is located within one of Brisbane’s busiest road networks. All bus movements were maintained throughout construction to ensure the public transport network was maintained. Live connections for water and sewer were carried out at night due to works being situated within live traffic lanes on the busy Bowen Bridge Road corridor.

The site is listed on the environmental management register as the soil contains high levels of lead and asbestos which required advanced coordination during disposal stages. Additionally, works were conducted next to the Engoggera Creek which needed significant environmental management measures to ensure water quality and mangroves were protected.

Construction works were completed on time and on a budget in late October 2017.